SmartBelly Components

A Smart Trash Can?

Figuring out whether or not a particular trash can needs to be emptied used to be a guessing game: do you over-collect to ensure there are no overflows or do you roll the dice and hope it can make it another day?

But we offer a better solution for this age-old conundrum with its intelligent waste & recycling collection system. SmartBelly components let customers use real-time data to drive their operational decisions – from any computer or smartphone you can see your entire portfolio of waste & recycling stations and determine if you need to collect some or any of them.

This knowledge empowers just-in-time collection, saving organizations time and fuel while ensuring there are no overflow issues in the field.

SmartBelly components can stand-alone, be combined with other SmartBelly components or paired with Bigbelly components to create the waste & recycling station that fits the need of each location.

Compostables Too!

For those on the cutting edge of environmentally-conscious public space recycling, SmartBelly is the perfect choice for implementing a compostables collection program.

With SmartBelly, you will know when it’s time to collect those organic materials — and ensure that they were picked up in a timely manner. Plus the enclosed design will keep hungry critters out and odors in.

Learn how the University of Washington-Seattle has leveraged the Bigbelly solution to implement public space composting and read the case study.