Parks & Beaches

Keeping Green Spaces Clean

With the time savings from using the Bigbelly Smart Waste & Recycling System, our trash collectors will be reassigned to other tasks, creating opportunities to do work that was not being done for lack of resources. There is always lots to do – painting buildings, cutting grass, fixing our 60-mile trail system, and so on. Using the Bigbelly, we will have more time to do other important tasks – tasks that make us do our jobs better.” — Gerald Checco, Cincinnati ParksParks and beaches are the crown jewels of most communities, but the resources required to keep them in pristine condition can tax even the most well-funded departments.

Instead of settling for overflowing trash cans or driving needlessly to each park in your system to try and keep up with the demand, the Bigbelly system gives unique visibility into every location from any web-enabled device.

Additionally, Bigbelly has helped numerous communities bring a recycling option to parks and playing fields where water and sports drink bottles make up the majority of the waste stream.

And for our customers lucky enough to include beaches under their purview, Bigbelly waste and recycling stations keep trash from blowing into the water and prevent the seagulls and other animals from creating unsavory litter problems.