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Bigbelly has replaced 150 open top waste stations with 30 compacting waste and recycling stations on our campus here at UGA. With its ability to compact and send alert messages, we’ve been able to go from spending 30 hours a week to spending less than three hours a week in collection. These stations have been well received by our patrons and have really improved the aesthetics of our historical campus, specifically North Campus.

— Cale Caudell, Support Services Manager, University of Georgia

Boston University uses Bigbelly to run a better operation while putting sustainability in the forefront.

Prospective students are increasingly listing an institution’s commitment to sustainability at the top of their criteria list when making their decisions. Bigbelly empowers colleges and universities to broadcast their environmental commitment in every public space across campus. Eye-level, prominent recycling and a messaging platform for students, alumni and faculty — all reinforce a commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible institution.
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